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Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 8:17 PM
Mega Sale!

All these items are either brand new or worn less than 3x!

Scroll down for freebies/special offer items!
Swaps are welcomed. :D

Lime green Adidas Dri-fit Shirt
100% Authentic!
Tagged Asia size M, fits S to M.
Worn about 2x.
Selling at $8 mailed!

BSX Music Tee
Tagged Size S, fits S to small M.
Worn 1x only.
Letting go at $10 mailed.

BSX Music Note Tee
Tagged size S, fits S to small M.
Not worn before!
$10 (mailed) and it's yours.

IP Zone Vintage wings Tee
Tagged Size S, best fits size M to L.
Not worn before!
Selling at $11 mailed.

IP Zone Puppet Tee
Tagged Size L, best fits size M to L.
Not worn before!
Selling at $11 mailed!

IP Zone Grunge towers Tee
Tagged size S, best fits size M to L.
Not worn before!
Letting go at $11 mailed.

Dickies Girl Tee
Special cutting at the back!
Best fits size S to small M.
Worn a couple of times.
Selling at $5 mailed!

Boston 82 Academy Tee
Best fits size S to small M.
Worn a couple of times.
$5 (mailed) and it's yours!

V-neck cut tee
Best fits size S to M.
Not worn before!
Letting go at $6 mailed!

Jaspal Girl Tee
Best fits size S to small M.
Worn a couple of times.
Letting go at $5 mailed.

A-One Boot cut Jeans
Best fits Waist size 24-26.
Worn a couple of times.
Selling at $12 only!

F21 Inspired Plaid Shorts
Tagged Size S.
Not worn before, still in plastic!
$15 and it's yours!

Beth's Bubble Skirt
Best fits waist size 25-27.
Worn once only!
Letting go at $8 mailed.

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara
Brand New, still sealed with plastic!
Get it alone for $12 mailed,
or with either bear for $14!

Tigger 80th anniversary Cushion!
Limited edition and rarely found in Singapore!
Selling for $12!

Maddie's Blue organiser!
From Korean Air, brand new.
No years written so you can use it anytime!
Get this and be prepared for anything that comes in your way next year!
$12 (mailed) and it's yours!

Rainy Day Pooh Bear Plushies
Available in Green, Red, Blue and Purple.
Get one to brighten up your rainy days!
Selling one at $8.

Penny's Postal Pooh
Look! It's Pooh Bear dressed in a postman's uniform!
Letting go at $8.

Sweetheart Pooh
Pooh decked put in overalls and carrying a big plush heart - just for you!
Selling at $8.

Lifeguard Pooh
With a red float!
$8 and it's yours forever!

Sally's Sunny Pooh
Pooh all dressed up for a day at the beach!
$8 for this little cute thing!

Lucy's CNY Pooh
Get this lucky pooh to accompany you through the new year!
Letting go at $8!

Bonnie's Pirate Pooh
Aye mate!
$8 and it's yours!

Resse's Bumblebee Pooh
Get busy with this bzzing pooh!
Letting go at $8.

Christy's Classic Pooh
Ahh, who doesn't love the good ol' pooh?
$8 for this baby.

Natalie's Nightime Pooh
Get this Pooh to cuddle with at night!
Letting go at $8 only.

Lorraine's Doggy Pencil Case
Brand New.
Letting go at $10 mailed.

Polly's Purple Penguin
Super big, huggable size.
Selling at $15 only!

Beatrice's Blue Monkey
Brand New.
$8 and it's yours.

Chip & Dale Scrunchies
Brand New, bought in Disneyland Tokyo!
Selling at $5 each and $9 for both.


Sara's Checkered Cadet Hat
Brand New.
Letting go at $10.

Angelina's Blue Checkered Hat
Brand New.
Selling at $10.

Whitney's White and Red Polka-dotted Belt
Brand New.
Letting go at $4 only!

Cassie's Striped Coin Pouch
Available in Red or Purple.
Selling at $2.50 mailed each only!

Pooh & Friends Notebooks
Brand New.
Selling at $2.50 mailed each.

Kellie's Graphic Diary
Not found in Singapore, bought in Hongkong!
Filled with colourful graphic pages.
Letting go at $5 each.

Olivia's OP Slingbag
Unable to find in stores.
Used 1x.
Letting go at $10.

Kathy's Kukumalu Sling Bag
Used 2x.
Good as new!
Selling at $9.

Wendy's White Quilted Bag
Brand New!
This bag is super pretty, and it comes with a strap to carry it as a sling bag.
$18 and it's yours forever!

Abby's Striped Tote
Used 1x.
Letting go at $15.

Dawn's White Chic Tote
Brand New!
$18 and it's yours, baby!

Celine's CJ7 Pencil Case
Brand New!
Selling at $10 only!
Brown Bean Keychain
Brand new in plastic!
Selling at $2.50 mailed!

Hsu Ru Yun's Hao Ting Single CD
Brand New!
Selling at $5 mailed!

Elena's Cute Handphone Pouch
Available in 5 designs.
Brand New!
Selling at $4.50 each!

Lila's Super Cute Multi-storage Box
(as shown in all pictures)
Brand New!
Able to store accessories, even stationery.
Letting go at $10!

London's Dolphin Necklace
(as shown in the 1st, 3rd and 6th pictures)
Brand New!
Letting go at $4 for this baby!

Fiona's White Cross Studs
(as shown in the 4th picture)
Brand New!
Letting go at $2.50!

Jessica's Hello Kitty Earrings
(as shown in the 4th picture)
Brand New!
Letting go at $3!



Gwen's Super Chic Handphone Pouch
Brand New!
Just add $2 to every purchase above $10 and you'll get this cool pouch!
(Selling it for $3.50 with purchases less than $10)

Free* with purchases above $10!

* Designs chosen by me

Mugu Liquid Foundation Sachet
Free with purchases above $10!

Thanks for viewing!